Saturday, January 19, 2008

League Wide Comparison

On December 18th, the owner of the Washington Capitals, Ted Leonsis, posted a look at American TV ratings around the NHL. Now that we have Buffalo's figures, here's a comparison. Keep in mind that Buffalo's figures are from January 18th, while the other teams are current as of December 18th. (Data for Carolina, Nashville, Boston, and Colorado was not available.)

1) Buffalo Sabres: 8.50
2) Pittsburgh Penguins: 5.08
3) Detroit Red Wings: 4.64
4) Minnesota Wild: 2.62
5) St. Louis Blues: 2.43
6) Philadelphia Flyers: 2.30
7) New York Rangers: 1.08
8) Columbus Blue Jackets: 1.04
9) San Jose Sharks: 0.90
10) Tampa Bay Lightning: 0.66
11) Chicago Blackhawks: 0.60
12) Washington Capitals: 0.50
13) Dallas Stars: 0.41
14) New Jersey Devils: 0.36
15) Los Angeles Kings: 0.31
16) Anaheim Ducks: 0.27
17) New York Islanders: 0.25
18) Phoenix Coyotes: 0.23
19) Atlanta Thrashers: 0.18
20) Florida Panthers: 0.17

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The "Winter Classic" hockey game in Buffalo lived up to all the hype on NBC-TV and CBC in Canada on New Years Day!
Enjoy the footage here from MSG-TV as Ralph Wilson Stadium transformed itself into a hockey rink: (copy & paste)
These are the openings I voiced for December 28 and 29th and January 4th. I would say the best is last...less of my voice and LOTS of cool footage from the actual game ringing in 2008 for the NHL!