Monday, June 29, 2009

Game 7 Rating

The deciding game of the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals earned an impressive 13.5 local rating in Buffalo according to Alan Pergament's column in Saturday's issue of the Buffalo News.

It's safe to assume that Buffalo was the third highest rated market with that figure, but the Top Ten local markets were never made public. Pittsburgh set a local ratings record for NHL markets with a 42.2 rating.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Buffalo 3rd in Cup Finals Ratings

Buffalo, likely because of how disappointing the Sabres past two seasons have been, has been paying much less attention to the Stanley Cup playoffs than it usually does.

That said, the rematch between the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins is still drawing more interest in Buffalo than any other American city without a rooting interest. From the NHL's press release:

TOP 10 MARKETS (based on overnight ratings)

1. Pittsburgh, 26.5/43
2. Detroit, 19.3/34
3. Buffalo, 5.2/9
4. Columbus, 3.5/6
5. Ft. Myers, 3.3/5
6. St. Louis, 3.0/6
T7. Indianapolis, 2.8/5
T7. Cincinnati, 2.8/5
9. Oklahoma City, 2.4/5
10. Chicago, 2.3/5

1. Pittsburgh, 31.7/43
2. Detroit, 28.1/43
3. Buffalo, 7.2/11
4. Philadelphia, 4.5/7
5. St. Louis, 3.8/7
6. Baltimore, 3.7/6
T7. Washington D.C., 3.4/6
T7. Minneapolis, 3.4/6
T7. Columbus, 3.4/6
T7. Ft. Myers, 3.4/5

Game 2 was the most watched Finals game nationally in seven years.